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The story of this family-run brand takes its roots from 2015 when g.Vino (gvino means wine in Georgian) Wine Bar was opened, followed by The City wine Hotel in 2019. For years the bar has been serving its guests only the most delicious artisan food prepared with locally sourced organic produce of the highest quality. Each bottle on the extensive wine list is carefully chosen by Lida & Mamuka - the wine-loving couple behind the brand.

“The wine we serve is not just good grape put together with ancient technology of winemaking. It’s an excitement of a person who might be a professional painter, a doctor or an engineer, but who makes the wine with love and care. It’s our team member who is always happy to tell a story about the wine and its producer. We think the food we serve is not just good quality of ingredients or professional cook; it’s the passion it is prepared and served with. Stay at our hotel is not just a comfortable room or convenient location, it’s the decoration that we created with love together with local artisans and designers, it’s the hospitality of our staff that no one can teach and is just part of the passion.”

– Lida & Mamuka



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g.Vino Wine Bar

6, Erekle II st, Tbilisi, Georgia

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g.Vino City Wine Hotel

82, Uznadze street, Tbilisi - Georgia

(+995) 577 222 909

(+995) 322 222 909

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