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Why, How and What we do

Why we do what we do? 

• Support small local wine producers and help them save rare Georgian grapes
• Share our passion about Georgian wines 
• Contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial culture in Georgia
• Create new standards of being a responsible e

We are a couple in our forties with a constant question in our mind, what is that we really like to do in our life and are we doing it? Coming from the development finance area, we are both inspired by doing things with social impact and we enjoy doing it in a responsible way. Answering the question what and how to do is a process, but one thing is clear, we want to contribute to progress of our country. We think it largely depends on development of the entrepreneurship and this is something we thought we could do. We decided to start a business and have an impact in the area we would pick and beyond.
All has started from a small boutique hotel No12 and 
In March 2015 we opened g.Vino. We always liked wine and tapas bars in Europe with their casual setup, delicious local food, diverse local natural wine offer and happy staff. We thought our city deserves having something like that; especially that Georgia has 8000 years old wine making technology which is part of UNESCO world heritage and is wealthy with rare, natural wines.

Last but not least, we do it as we enjoy working with people be it our team member, guest or other counterparty. We do it as we enjoy thinking that we may have a positive impact on their lives. 

g.Vino shandalier with glasses
Widest selection of Georgan natural wines

From the Press


The interior is cosy and glowing with warm light, set as a perfect exhibit of contemporary Georgia. Food and wine offerings are a fresh take on traditional Georgian cuisine.  


Here, you can try organic and natural wines from local producers, as well as some of the best Georgian qvevri wines.


g.Vino’s fresh approach to the restaurant business means more than fresh food and naturally-produced wines

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