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Flooded with natural light in the morning and elegantly lit in the evenings, our restaurant combines all the elements of a memorable dining experience in the heart of Tbilisi.


Over a glass or bottle of natural wine for à la carte dinner, dishes like beef tartare with green adjika, slow cooked beef cheeks, kubdari wellington with demi-glace sauce mingle, blend, delight, meet and merge.

Opening Hours:

4pm-11.30pm daily

Discover the Flavors

Inspired by Georgia’s stunningly-rich and diverse ingredients, g.Vino restaurant’s chef has developed its own creative take on signature cuisine. We aim to continuously explore and experiment with the flavors, scents, textures and ancestral cooking techniques that make up Georgia’s gastronomy and culture.
Our restaurant serves breakfast and dinner.

Meet The Chef

g.Vino Restaurant’s menu was designed by our young chef Tamta Kikaleishvili. Tamta and her team use sustainably-grown ingredients from different regions of the country to create menus that faithfully reflect the culinary essence of Georgia. They also incorporate ancestral knowledge in their cooking methods, along with European touches. Modern cooking techniques are also a part of their unique culinary style.

I wouldn’t call it a fusion. It’s more like a synergy of different cultures, or flavors working in harmony, that comprise our cuisine. And it’s by no means traditional, either. What we try and do is continuously pay homage to artisan cuisine, all while applying modern techniques and different ingredients,” she says.

Our culinary team is constantly on the lookout for techniques that will help foster the evolution of g.Vino Restaurant’s cuisine! Keep an eye on this space for the next chapter!

g.Vino City Wine Hotel

Step into the elegance and comfort of g.Vino City Wine Hotel, located in the soul of Tbilisi’s Old Town, a place for you to unwind, discover, and to dream.

Reach Us

82, Uznadze street
Tbilisi - Georgia

(+995) 577 222 909

(+995) 322 222 909

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