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Handmade pottery at g.Vino

Rare Natural Wines from Small Wineries

Located in the heart of Tbilisi Old Town, our wine bar represents all that inspires us from our travels to the wine bars, tapas bars and restaurants of Spain, Italy and France. We aim to provide friendly and knowledgeable service, serve great tasting eco-friendly wine from small local producers and offer a selection of wine-friendly local food. Most of the wines you will find at our bar are made by unique and ancient Georgian traditional technology which counts over 8000 years and has been included in UNESCO as a world heritage. A meal here might be a board of artisan cheese & cold cuts, one or two small plates for one person or several items shared with friends or your neighbor at the bar, always with bread and a great wine. 

Food at g.Vino
g.Vino NEWS

We Opened New Space

In December 2017 we opened new space in g.Vino. While we kept the concept of having small cozy rooms, now we can host more people. We made bold decision and designed new space differently. Guests can enjoy different ambiance depending on the mood. 

Step from old g.Vino to new g.Vino

“Located in old town Tbilisi, lively Erekle Street, offering a lot of varieties of Georgian organic wines.”

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